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Conference Support

We create the conditions for conversations to happen.  Whether you need to seek innovative ideas, discover new perspectives, work through difficult problems, or connect with others, we support you in designing those conversations. 


While we customize opportunities for conversation with individuals, teams, and organizations, we also host conversations using the following:

Meeting Room

Knowledge Café

Modelled after David Gurteen’s popular Knowledge Café format, these sessions may be designed to better understand a complex issue, seek varying points of view, generate new ideas, examine risks, make better decisions, or discover possibilities.

We provide the opportunity for people to come together to share experience and knowledge around an intractable problem. Time flies as you engage in conversations with others who face similar challenges as you, or who experience the problem in a completely different context.  New relationships are formed – often globally, with participants joining in from around the world. Sessions offered are 90 minutes or 3.5 hours.

Extended Coffee Conversations

These follow a slightly different format as the Knowledge Café, offering a more personalized experience at the start with 1:1 conversations. Similar to the Knowledge Café format, sessions may be designed for problem solving, building relationships, or generating new ideas. Sessions offered are 90 minutes or 3.5 hours.

Random Breakrooms

Have 15 minutes?  We connect you with someone you haven't met - perhaps from another country - to have a random conversation.  This format builds opportunities for new and trusted relationships. Want to be part of this experience/network?  Contact us to register.   


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