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About Us

Conversations are an important part of understanding our environment, each other, ourselves, and our world. Conversations build community and relationships and open us up to different perspectives and possibilities. We build the conditions for conversations to happen. Sharing perspectives, narratives, stories, and insights is powerful and dynamic - sparking innovation and increased understanding, particularly around complex issues. This leads to better decisions. This is what we do...for individuals, teams, organizations, and communities, locally and globally.

Looking forward to meeting you in one of our conversations.

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Meet the Founder


Cindy is driven to make a difference.  Her passion to make others a success is guided by a purposeful and intuitive nature, and an endless entrepreneurial spirit. Cindy discovered the power of conversations after participating in several Knowledge Cafés where she met people from around the world. The conversations changed her perspective in terms of how she thought about certain places and issues. These experiences were profound and they further ignited her passion and desire for people to better understand each other. As the Chief Purpose and Vision Officer for Consider Conversation, Cindy never lets us lose sight of the fact that everything we do in our business gives meaning to both work and life. 

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